Monthly Archives: December 2014

funny angry reaction

Here’s a funny screen shot from a Skype exchange in which I contact a graphic designer friend of Dad’s to ask for old photos of the Chapel and to ask her to read the architect’s advertising blurb and see if she¬† thinks it is misleading.     When a description produces instant anger there is […]


Welcome to Michael, whose comments may be found in the About section. I first asked RIBA to check that the details submitted to them for the RIBA sector review delineated properly the work carried out by the two different parties. letter 2 RIBA RIBA have not replied to me at all. But in a letter […]

a little survey

I did do a quick survey of others’ opinions before writing this, back when I first discovered this re-writing of history at the end of summer. But you might like to vote on it too. So, the question to which the poll corresponds and which you are answering is: “If you hadn’t visited Terry at […]

one quarter of a year

It’s one quarter of a year since I complained to RIBA about the misleading advertising I have detailed on this blog. RIBA have not yet managed to get it together to answer me, although I have several acknowledgements that they have received my letter and emails. The web stats for this site also show me […]