one quarter of a year

It’s one quarter of a year since I complained to RIBA about the misleading advertising I have detailed on this blog. RIBA have not yet managed to get it together to answer me, although I have several acknowledgements that they have received my letter and emails. The web stats for this site also show me that RIBA have also never looked at the photographs I have posted here. This is quite useless, in terms of policing their own.

On the other hand, you could look at it like this: the “systems testing” I’ve just performed shows that if you do want to claim somebody else’s conversion work as your own, you will not have any problem from RIBA.

I also quickly made galleries online of the 5 conversions I’ve done locally, in case they ever fall into the hands of someone unscrupulous ! If it didn’t amount to more publicity for the unworthy, I’d name the galleries “more work not carried out by X”.

Eventually I asked Joanne to help with badgering RIBA when I got tired and they replied to her. Without however managing to tie her complaint up with mine. Thus, again, they did not view the evidence of Dad’s prior conversion which I have posted here. Therefore I dismiss RIBA as a useless bunch of fools.

I invite instead proper people who visited the chapel before 1999 to view and comment and like this blog. The lesson I take is that if you don’t continue to claim and police your own creative work, someone else will shamelessly claim it. As another artist, Richard, commented :

Blank canvas my …. I appreciate how upset you must feel ,the human condition is quite often not honourable.

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