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I first asked RIBA to check that the details submitted to them for the RIBA sector review delineated properly the work carried out by the two different parties.

letter 2 RIBA

RIBA have not replied to me at all. But in a letter to Joanne they said:

The RIBA sector reviews are not for publicising award winners and this project did not win an RIBA award. The sector reviews simply provide a selection of recent projects to help prospective clients find the right architect for their project.

RIBA award? RIBA sector review? I don’t care.

What I want to check is:   was the work correctly described to the RIBA sector review, (because it is not in the advertising), such that the conversion is properly attributed to Terry Plackitt and subsequent work attributed to the architect?

It is the incorrect statements in the advertising that prompted me to raise the question of how the project was described to RIBA and Green Apple.

RIBA don’t seem that bothered about the issue of attribution of work to the creator (which is surprising in itself) so I turned to Trading Standards next. Then the issue is a legal one of:  is the business’s description misleading?




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