May 1995 Old Chapel


Celia Bailie with her sculpture Two Heads at an exhibition in the hall of the Old Chapel, Stoke St M, May 1995. Painting is Purple Rung by Terry.

Scan 16.jpeg


also in the hall: 2 x Elizabeth Brickell, Scorched Hillside and Hot Earth, and Gordon Stuart‘s Lady on the Beach



Hall :  Three Pot Shadows, Pear Dance, all three by Terry. Jane D bought Pear Dance

3 pot shadows.jpeg


Hall: Paintings by Terry, Just Desserts, Under the Canopy II, ceramic by Gillian Still, Arthur’s WeathervaneScan 27.jpeg


Hall: Under the Canopy  by Terry and  Sale Bargains by Gillian Still on David’s table. The title Under the Canopy appears twice in the exhibition list and there do exist 2 paintings called Under the Canopy I & II, and I think the one below is Under the Canopy I.

. Scan 14.jpeg


Upstairs in the studio: paintings by Gordon Stuart, on left Medici Palace. Robert Sawyers on right ?Builders Screens, Celia Bailie’s sculpture Woman bearing Child

Scan 29.jpeg


upstairs gallery: sculpture Celia Bailie Nurture II, paintings Anne Mieke

Scan 24.jpeg



upstairs in studio: Gillian Still’s ceramic in the window Mr Braque’s Table;  paintings are Robert Sawyers on the left The Fruit Table and on the floor November Grazing;  Gordon Stuart on the right Lavender Field; middle right painting Jackie Harding?

Scan 11.jpeg


upstairs in studio: Robert Sawyers paintings Sumach Bobble, Jug and Fur, The Gaps, The Hat Man, Bathroom Ted. Unfortunately Anne Mieke’s darker oils on right not so visible

Scan 12.jpeg


Living room: Jackie Harding‘s Moroccan Donkey?  The full list of works for this May exhibition is in the following post. I’m attributing from that, let me know if it’s incorrect.

Scan 4.jpeg


Living room : Celia Bailie’s Seated Mother and Child

Scan 25.jpeg


Living room :  Terry’s Two Pears, Robert Sawyers’ Garden Treasures, Gillian Still‘s ceramics

two pears.jpeg

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