Welcome guys to the posthumous own-trumpet-blowing page of Terry Plackitt, occasioned by Carole’s discovery that his chapel conversion is the winner of awards. Hooray!

The cheeky architect who bought the chapel from Mum in 1999, doesn’t make clear he started with Mum & Dad’s conversion of the Old Chapel and in fact makes it look like he did it all himself. I’m sure he has added lovely things, but because he has made it unclear which part of the building he has been awarded things for and has strongly strongly implied it is all his work, I am making the parameters of the original Plackitt conversion completely clear. You cannot do 2 conversions to one building.

So I realized that nothing is sacred, and that if you don’t keep an eye on things after you’re dead, somebody will indeed roll up and stick their name on your work.

Go check all your own past projects now !



  1. michael · · Reply

    I would like to have an opportunity to reply to your statements made on this web site. Basically because they are simply not true. All the photos shown on my web site are works that I designed and completed. I am happy to change my text content if it is not correct and give credit were true. For instance I could say took over the conversion which basically is what we did. The whole top floor and staircase we added and new doors to the back and new flooring and bathrooms through out, new kitchen, etc The Sunday School was not converted and we converted it adding the mezzanine, kitchen, bathroom etc and so all the works here are designed and implemented by me won an award.


    1. calmu · · Reply

      Thank you for your engagement with the site, beginning today. I think it would be a good idea for you to see any comments that are forthcoming, as I now for the first time ask other people who visited the Chapel pre-1999 for their opinions. They will all be very civil I’m sure, and the comments are moderated. Your own info has been online how long? I think this is a matter which is very suitable for online give and take. It is about how people perceive what you have put up online as advertising and how they perceive what I have put up in response. So let’s wait and see if in fact at this busy season anyone even looks.


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