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The Snow Paintings


photo studies for Flax and Rivets

For Brenda, showing the photo studies leading up to her print :

Whittox Gallery

Early 80s exhibition in Whittox Gallery, no longer extant. Was owned by Philippa Sleigh.    

Two 1995 exhibitions

I believe all the photos in the previous post were taken at the May exhibition

May 1995 Old Chapel

  Celia Bailie with her sculpture Two Heads at an exhibition in the hall of the Old Chapel, Stoke St M, May 1995. Painting is Purple Rung by Terry.   also in the hall: 2 x Elizabeth Brickell, Scorched Hillside and Hot Earth, and Gordon Stuart‘s Lady on the Beach   Hall :  Three Pot […]

list of exhibitors, Sylvia Hanna Gallery

  this exhibition was in the mid 80s, and the list is a good record of a group   I found, while scanning the old paperwork, these photos of Ann Schutz’s jewellery, and include them here in that same vein of wishing to put online some record for her family to find, from the days […]


Going back further to ’91 : I found the B&W photo of the painting, provided to the above magazine: and in fact the photo taken by Terry, from which he worked up the painting. For more on  that as method see the post called Snow paintings.